From the moment you walk in, the facility is not what one expects from the outside. Warehouse exterior gives way quickly to cork floors and granite counter-tops. Leather couches offer a stark counterpoint to the graffitied walls and rubber matting a room away. Yet the goal here has been to create contrast. The space is meant to be more than simply a place where you do exercise, rather we have tried to create a space that invites people to step away from the rest of their day.

We cater to those who want something different than the usual box gym. Rainfall showers, steam rooms, towel service, and the ever ready offer of a cup of coffee. This is a gym that wants you to do a little more than just buy a membership and not show up. This is why we are proud to have such a wide range of stories unfolding from so many different perspectives. The thread that binds them together is the fact that they are passionate about moving forward, reaching some new goal and high point.

This is a facility where we aim to develop those who come here. We aim to teach people, to build capacity. This is not a facility geared towards generic group classes, or bland uninspired repetitive workouts. Rather we offer a space that is coached. Geared towards ensuring people are met where they are at with their individual histories and goals.

Strength – Endurance – Recovery

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